Spanish home sales in July 2018

The number of Spanish home sales inscribed in the national Land Registry rose by 18% in July compared to the same month last year, show the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Sales were up in every province bar Las Palmas in the Canaries.

There were 41,545 Spanish home sales inscribed in the Land Register in July, and 45,225 if you include subsidised homes (known as VPO), all according to the latest figures from the INE, based on source data from the Spanish Land Registrars’ Association. Sales are inscribed in the Land Register a month or two after they take place, so these figures lag the market by a similar amount of time.

For actual sales in July the figures from the Spanish Notaries’ Association are more timely, and show sales rising 4% to 52,014 including VPO. So both sources show the Spanish property market continuing to expand.

New home sales were up 5% to 7,105 and resales were ip 19% to 38,120, both returning to a growth trend in evidence since the Spring of 2017, having paused for breath in June.

House sales in areas popular with foreign investors were up everywhere bar the Las Palmas province in the Canary Islands

Year to date sales are flat in the Balearics, and not up by much in Catalonia thanks to the local political situation. Otherwise the picture is one of continued growth in sales in most areas popular with foreign buyers.