SPI survey suggests expats living in Catalonia do not support the independence drive

The Estelada flag of Catalan separatists.

What do expats living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from Spain? With close to five hundred responses, my survey of expats in Catalonia suggests foreign residents are not in favour.

472 foreigners living in Catalonia responded to the survey, which I distributed to my mailing list, by Facebook, and by Whatsapp / word-of-mouth.

Catalan Independence Survey Questions

I started off asking various different but related questions as follows:

  1. Are you in favour of Catalan independence from Spain?
  2. Do you think an independent Catalonia would be better or worse off?
  3. Do you think Catalan separatist leaders have a democratic mandate to pursue independence from Spain?
  4. Has this crisis made you more likely to stay or leave Catalonia?

It soon became clear that everyone who was against independence also thought an independent Catalonia would be worse off, and that Catalan separatist leaders had no democratic mandate to pursue independence. Those in favour of independence thought the opposite, so I dropped questions 2 & 3 as superfluous, and just focused on support for independence (question 1), and how the drive was affecting expat decisions to stay or leave Catalonia, if at all (question 4).

Expat Attitudes Towards Catalan Independence Drive – Survey Results

What is clear, from this survey at least, is that expats living in Catalonia are not big fans of the independence drive, and almost half of them are now considering leaving Catalonia as a result of it. The independence movement has come to dominate public life in Catalonia, but it does not appeal to foreign residents. An exodus of expats would be bad news for Catalonia.

It is interesting to note that expats from countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Russia, where there is little genuine democracy or freedom of speech, have the least truck with the Catalan separatist cause.

It is also worth pointing out that expats are influenced by their surroundings, so expat support for independence is higher in provinces like Lleida and Girona, where the independence drive is strong (more than 50% of locals in favour), and lower in Barcelona, where local support is reportedly below 50%.

Quite a few people said they wished they could vote in the autonomous regional elections on Thursday. Expats who have invested their time, money, and lives in Catalonia, and pay their taxes here, have a lot at stake in this election, but absolutely no say in the outcome as foreign residents can’t vote in regional elections.

Here are the results of the survey so far (472 responses), with comments from respondents for and against the Catalan independence drive at the bottom.

expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain
expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain
expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain
expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain
expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain
expat opinions of catalan independence drive. What do foreigners living in Catalonia think of the separatist drive to break away from spain

Comments In Favour Of The Catalan Independence Drive

The whole issue can be laid directly at the feet of Rajoy’s government, which has used every trick in their black book to deny Catalunya a voice and legitimate powers while stealing most of the province’s money.
Have 2 Catalan small children, have lived here 4 years and have 2 properties, actively fully support independence. The actions of Spain here over the last 7 years are unacceptable.
Better to divorce than live unhappily. Both sides highly polarised, difficult to reconcile now. Madrid made too many mistakes to go back now (2 Years ago salvageable)
Unfortunately I suspect most ex-pats, unless married to Catalans, have little or no idea of the issues at stake. On one hand Madrid has only fueled the independence movement by their “no negotiation” stance; and the Catalans have used the movement to advance their own politics. In the end, the crisis shows that there is a lack of democracy in Spain, or rather than each EU country has their own form of democracy. Imho Madrid needs to consider granting Catalans the same autonomy that the Basques have. Right now, Madrid is looking a lot like Franco in the 30s.
My partner is Andaluz and as firmly pro-independence as myself.
I believe Catalonia will be better off as a smaller, more manageable republic. However, I think having a ‘slim’ majority in favor of independence is not enough to create a new state. No matter how much I support the Catalan cause, I feel its leaders were hasty and jumped the gun, which might be a huge setback for the independence movement, as well as the Catalan language and society as a whole.
I find your whole article insulting. Expats should be PART of their community and not just live off it like leeches The Spanish Government has been using and abusing Catalans for ages. I fully support leaving behind a protege of Fascism and entering an enlightened country. Another upside, is vultures like yourself will get up and leave.
I’m tired of PP corrupción, impressed by the great behaviour and organisation of catalán people!
When the Government of Spain has already broken European and International treaty laws and no one is stepping up to support Catalunya on this then the Central government are capable of doing anything and as EU citizens we can be included therefore personally I would feel safer if Catalonia who are far further advanced in their knowledge and capabilities and looking towards Europe instead of the south I would be happier if they broke away from Spain.
The catalan pro independence movement is progressive and pursues separation as a means for achieving a more fair and free society, with a project for a more direct democracy. Catalonia is now a colony of Spain, Spain rules the country with authoritarian ways. It is not a nationalist movement it is a movement away from Spanish suffocating nationalism. It is a movement of denationalization.
Independence is the best way to break witrh the “regime” of 78, fascism was never buried.
Catalunya has been my home for the last 30 years and I will doubtlessly die here, I would love to see the dream of so many come true and will become Catalan as soon as I can. Unfortunately, the way things seem to be moving, I will then be a citizen of the only two European countries out of Europe. Having said that, and seen the attitude of Europe towards my adopted country, that might not be such a bad thing, we need a shake up!
Visca Catalunya lliure!
It isn’t a simple question and it has been going on for longer than the 22 years I have lived here. If Rajoy had not cut the statute or had allowed the referendum, we would not be in this mess. I really believe in democracy and I think the vast differences between the ideology of the Catalans and the ruling Spanish government cannot be reconciled. Add to that the lack of dialogue, corruption of the ruling P.P., violence over the referendum on 1st October and I doubt that the Catalans can live again in peace with Spain. It’s like an abusive partner who will inevitably return to violence and corruption. I tolerate different opinions and ideas and think it was dangerous to accept the referendum as legally binding, but the right to self determination by the Catalan people must come before the Spanish constitution. I am uncertain if the December elections will be just and free, especially if the Catalan politicians remain in jail. The lack of press freedom, the inability to engage in dialogue and the generally heavy handed approach that Rajoy has employed shows that Spain is not a democracy. Lack of separation of powers, criticism of the education system accusing teachers of indoctrination, closure of websites, arrests of elected political leaders – these actions are those of a fearful, repressive state. How the Spanish socialist party can stand alongside the P.P. on its 155 crusade, I fail to understand. Independence would be complex and may well bring more problems, certainly with Europe, but I want a better place than Spain is (meaning the government of Spain, not the Spanish people) for the future and for my children, both of whom hold Spanish nationality.
I am married with a Catalan man and I have 2 catalans daughters. I really love this country and I am really sad for the injustice against Catalan people.
There is a missing question which would have been my ideal scenario: I would like that the catalán decide for their independence (or not) via a pacted referéndum, the most democrátic way to solve the problem.
De base le problème catalan me laisse froid, mais je HAIS le despotisme donc je supporte l’indépendance sans savoir quel sera le prix du steak et avec quelle devise.
Independencia como unica via de romper con una pseudodemocracia que actualmente mostra abiertamente su cara totalitaria!
Catalunya es un gran pueblo, su gente es muy conciente de lo que esta pasando, son solidarios y pacificos, Catalunya merece su independencia.
41 years leaving in Catalonia and i don t have the right to vote. I want to vote.
Catalan Independence has very little to do with the crises and as an academic specialized in cultural studies I’m really worried about the tendency to always reduce the picture to economic aspects
Je suis française et j’adore la catalogne, je suis pour les independantistes
I think that the first question is too simplistic. What I am in favour of is the Catalan electorate deciding the future of Catalonia for itself, whether it’s independence or not. Because the people of Spain seem to be against this self-determination by Catalans, I am forced to be in favour of independence, but it’s only marginally. Above all I think it will be decided by the Catalan electorate.
Spain’s actions has made me not want to live in Spain
I ask for human right and democracy. I did not found it in my country. I supposed to find it here in Europe. What a shame in 21 century to have political prisoners.
I consider that M.Rajoy (and the PP) has created this situation which has lead to a radicalization of the positions in Catalonia.

Comments Against The Catalan Independence Drive

Uncertainty is always an undesirable environmental condition for a rational, risk averse business person. The Separatist Bloc have demonstrated a real ability to generate significant and consistent amounts of social disruption, without reservations or a foreseeable end. Given the Federal position and their limited ability to change course quickly, it seems reasonable to envision that the political situation continues for some time. In Quebec, it has been over 50 years of crisis with peaks and troughs. Not good. Sad to live among so much anti-social behavior and dis-harmony. A fiscal and physical move has been hastily planned and feels inevitable. When will the politics of the Indignados subside?
Is the ruin for catalunya and the ones that have invested here. Is going back to the past, closing more the region, be more close minded, we will need to learn the language mandatory. For me is scary, they hate spanish, south americans, turist and foreigners. I dont want to rejected by the society more, i already feel after 10 years living here that they dont accept me for several reasons one of then not speaking catalan, and might be even for my origin. my circle and friend are all expats, only one catalan friend and never been invited to a Catalan house ever.
Catalan independists do not know what they are getting into when supporting independence. The EU will not accept an independent Catalunya and the Spanish government cannot allow Catalunya to separate from Spain.
There seems a certain naïve understanding of democracy amongst the mostly young residents of Catalonia. The Sky interview with the ‘self exiled’ President was an example of this. He said nothing other than we are being picked on, in a seemingly low self esteem style rant.
We love Catalonia and its distinct culture, but believe it can thrive within Spain. Madrid, for its part, should be more open and show flexibility – both sides are stronger together than apart.
Crazy situation and with the Taxes we pay we should have a say!
Independene attempt was ill concieved, illegal, illogical, undemocratic and counterproductive for all concerned.
We went through the same or similar discussion over the past 50 years in Belgium concerning the independence of Flanders (we are a Dutch/Flemish couple). When the NVA came to power in Belgium as part of the government, we decided to leave the country, as their views are very nationalistic and myopic in our view. They cleverly did, so far, not pursue the independence of Flanders as did the Catalans, but ultimately it is their goal, as stated in their official party statutes. We are European and global citizens and and do not believe in this nationalistic approach. So if the situation will continue as is here in Barcelona, we will look at our Plan B, be it either move to Valencia or further abroad in the world. It would be with pain in our hart, but something has touched the BCN vibe, and definitively not for the better. For full disclosure purpose, we do not work here and are economically independent.
The separatists are fanatics who have been indoctrinating children in schools for years and care nothing about the well-being of their citizens
The independence movement is seeking to impose the same kind of dictatorship under which they suffered badly from the 1940s to 1970s.
I was in Ottawa in 1969 and I witness thet effect of Quebecquois separatism in a city such as Montreal. I would very sad to see Barcelona go down the drain as a consequence of the economic and social effects of Catalan separatism (legitimate and in part understandable but, in my opinion- close-minded, irrational and socially and politically retrograde).
Nationalism is destructive and poisonous. We all need to work together. I feel European more than anything.
Catalonia is being compared to Scotland. Wrong – its more like London seeking independence from the UK. It would be catastophic for the the rest of the UK. Catalonia is a greedy powerhouse that couldn’t give a s#!t about the rest of that great country.
Much like in the ‘Brexit debate’ common sense and factual evidence seems in very short supply in this whole debate. It seems as if 40 years in, Spain is still struggling with how to manage democracy (both sides) and this is concerning. It would also be interesting to hear how people have changed their spending since this situation. Opinions are interesting, but people ultimately vote with their wallets. (also, because while Expats may make up only 15% of the population, they probably make up relatively more of the spending capacity) Something like: “Have you changed your spending habits since Oct 1st? Do you spend more/less/about he same? Does this influence your decision to invest in Catalonia? Do you own or rent? Have you taken money in or out of Catalonia? etc. etc.” Money talks! 😉 Thank you for this initiative and keep up the good work!
I’m leaving to Madrid
The complete lack of a plan for the day after the declaration of independence makes Brexit look like a model of organisation! However the PP have a lot to answer for in their complete denial of there being an issue in Catalonia over the last few years, then hiding behind the law when they themselves are implicated in so many corruption scandals, somehow managing to evade the law.
The entire process has been illegal from start to finish, an attempted coup by a minority, and entirely undemocratic. The movement has been led by corrupt politicians (Mas) and the population is being manipulated by propaganda and brainwashing financed illegally by the Generalitat, the ANC and the OC. Independence would be an economic & political disaster for Catalunya, and the consequences have been understated and even concealed from the Catalans by the independentist fanatics. Prison is the best place for the to prevent them doing further damage. The sooner Puigedemont joins them there, the better.
The whole independence issue has created a toxic atmosphere and divided society. Expressing anti-independence sentiment in public is, sadly, not an option which makes daily life pretty uncomfortable. Do I want my kids to grow up in this kind of environment? I’m not so sure.
Change the referendum in the right way, don’t break the law and stop misguiding people to think catalans don’t have a say. They completely and utterly have been allow that freedom but they just have to go through the right processes to change it. the referendum was also signed by catalans. I could go on but can’t be bothered.
I have lived in Catalunya for 19 years, paid taxes for 18, plan to stay here forever and think its crazy that I cannot vote.
Very worried, the region has lost credit, and sympathy. Sad, as most of the people are still great here.
Hoping they’ll reach an agreement soon so things get back to normal asap. This is a waste of time, money and energy for all foreigners, who cannot even vote during these events.
I agree with the reason behind the independence movement, which was basicaly to renegociate outdated terms and agreements between Spain and Catalonia, but the independence movement has gone too far, specially as nobody explains and speaks about what it will actually mean to be independent and how it will affect every day life.
This is a complicated subject. It reminds me a lot of what happened in Ireland in the early 1900s with Home Rule, and Easter Rising in 1916 and the subsequent bid for independence. In the early days, Irish people did not want independence – it was a small minority who wanted a separate republic. It wasn’t until there was brutality from the governing English on the Irish population did the tide turn and the majority then sought independence. I would love to see a democratic, legal, referendum in Catalonia. I would go with whatever comes of that. I don’t want violence – nothing like what Ireland had for years and years. I would like to see Catalonia have more autonomy – lots more – and then go from there.
On an emotional level, I understand why people want independence. However, emotions are easily manipulated and this is what has happened here. Unscrupulous politicians have manipulated Catalans into a situation which leaves them much worse off.
It will depend on how the independancia is managed. Like now, it will be a disaster. But if negotiate with spain and Europe, then feasible. Wjat will be the status of expat out of Europe? Foreigners who çeed to leave the Catalunia?
I believe the whole manner in which this issue has been dealt with this is terrible. Are we living in a democratic European country? Because it does not feel as such with people being beaten, imprisoned without bail by a governing party on conruption charges
I work with immigrants and refugees, mainly Latin American. Lots of people are talking of leaving. Malaga seems the top choice at the moment. We too are thinking of leaving but will give this one more year as we have children.
What I do agree to is the right to self determination in Catalunya. I think you should ask that even though most foreigners can’t vote. There should be a legal vote.
Puidgement should be put in jail. They’re ruining what was growing into the most powerful and prosperous region in Spain for their own elitist whims and power struggles. Don’t be mistaken, this is the no different than Brexit or the Trump vote.
I may not be for Independence but I believe there is a real bias on behalf of the Spanish government towards Catalonia. I believe Rajoy and his government are determined to humiliate the Catalans, publicly, and had it not been for his lapse in judgment when sending in troops of police with a violent agenda on October 1st, he may have convinced the world that Catalans are radicals when in fact they are just a people (like many other today around the world) tired of not having their voices heard. In any other country these protests could have turned seriously violent, but not here. I hardly realized their was a protest of 750 000 people this past Saturday, just 1 block from my home. Only when I heard the helicopters did I think to look out the window. And while they may not be the majority, you still have over 2 millions people, close to 25% of Catalunya saying they are unhappy. As leader of the governement and country, I would think it is Rajoy’s job to enquire on why and how we can work together to change that, but instead he keeps insisting on reminding the Catalans that they have no control over their lives. It is petty and I fear this pettiness is also the root of many other evils. I refuse to abide by any decision that may lead to loss of freedom and democracy. Thank you for asking!
The separatists have become trapped by history. There is indoctrination of the young and a hate culture developing. Separatists seem unable to utter a sentence without populating it with ‘facha’. They have become exclusive and missed the humanist vision of inclusion. They prefer to see others as different and are unable to reconcile minor cultural differences. History has taught us not to put up borders. It is a simple case of pride over peace. The future does not bode well. We have already heard the words ‘traitor’ and accusations of ‘not Catalan’ those that think differently. Pluralism is quite clearly dead here. It’s not the society I see myself living in much longer.
I’m not an expat – I’m an immigrant in Spain/Catalonia. I’d still rather live in a republic than the heavily right wing governed Spain.
I wish we could vote… we pay taxes here!!! We live here!!
We leave Catalonia as soon as we find a new home in Madrid
Honestly, I can only say it’s a nightmare. Unthinkable in the contemporary European Union. Insane situation!!!
If would like to vote. There should be a minimum amount of years past which we can vote. Why do i have to be passive when politicians i have not voted for impose their decision on me.
Disappointing to isolate Catalonia from Europe – can only harm the economy and the people
Saddened by the level of hatred in Catalan separatists and not happy to see children being brainwashed from infancy. Feels like a luxury version of North Korea.
I see Catalan independentisme as political vandalism: no content and leading nowhere, yet very damaging.
I understand the reasons for independence but there is scant international support making it very risky. It would undoubtedly bring about disastrous economic consequences for Catalunya and Spain.
I’m not in favor of independence. But in favor of the self the determination.
In a dangerous world, separatism is an ideal frought with slippery stones. Madrid should listen to the Catalans instead of always saying “no”, but independence won’t help the average citizen. Brexit will have the same unhappy result.
Stupid idea not thought through at all. The EU will not recognise Catalunya or accept them into the EU . Just ask the Independence supporters how are the olive/fruit/agricultural small scale farmers going to survive without CAP money for a start . Who are they going to borrow money from . How much is Catalunya’s share of Spains national debt and how are they going to pay it ?
Put simply, Catalunya deserves a better deal and all will be peace & harmony.
The leaders of the current political party in power since Dec 2011 have taken Spain’s government back to the 19th century. Their clumsy, inept and completely out-of-phase treatment of the then-proposed Catalan Estatut of 2005, together with subsequent action against other Catalan initiatives (revealing an instinctive hostility to anything that is contrary to a centralist state and also a lack of feeling and tact) have unfortunately fostered the growth of support for independence. If this had not been the case, we would not have found ourselves after the regional elections of 2015 with a Catalan parliament with slight pro-independentista majority . Support for independence is a minority current in Catalonia. The referendum of 1 October has no validity whatsoever, and does not truly reflect public opinion, irrespective of what independentistas might say. The current situation results from political incompetence and insensitivity; without the latter we would not be witnessing the political comic opera that we now see.
Very worried about the catastrophic negative effects on the economy. House sales cancelled & holiday bookings for 2018 down.
I use to love Barcelona, now I hate it. I saw how during these last 10 years the Generalitat manipulated the people, I was even fired because I did not want to be used to promote the independency among the italian companies as I was the Secretary General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona. Will never forgive this….
La inestabilidad politica aleja inversiones y puestos de trabajo se pierden, los procesos politicos deben darse lentamente pra que no afecten tan pronunciadamente a la poblacion. El mundo es uno solo las fronteras las inventamos nosotros, por eso no creo en independencias, creo que esfuerzos para solventar lo que tenemos, es que acado ek catalunya nonhay gente en la calle o con menos oportunidades que otra? Independizarnos para aislarnos? Nunca
Se ha vuelto todo muy pesado.
No veig benèficis en la independència.Sembles que els polítics juguen amb la població. En el cas d’assolir-la independència a causa de la sortida de l’euro , ens veuríem obligats a marxar de Catalunya
En contra pero me gustaría que los dejarán votar. La independencia me gustaría si es lo que quiere todo el pueblo.
The independence drive is unjustified, illegitimate and pursued in a borderline fascist way. It has been disgusting to watch and has really lowered Catalans in my eyes, at least those who support independence. It’s driven by greed, selfishness, arrogance and xenophobia. I thought Catalans were better than that.
It is ruinous!
More than 30 years living in Barcelona and now afraid about so much intolerance, hate and idiotism.
If there is no workable political solution after the 21-D elections (i.e. one that does not involve independence for Catalunya and one that does not cause independence sympathisers to complain on a daily basis) , we will actively look into moving to another region of Spain.
Los catalanes son rancios
I am from French Catalunya (north catalunya). I love Catalan society but the division of the society in two parts is a real nightmare and is not justified by any ‘bad treatment’ from spain.
Innesesario problema creado politicamente. Presión. Agobio. Preocupacion y Hartazgo por culpa de los independentistas.
Surely the practical economic results of independence have now been seen these past few weeks. Madness. We have ben resident here for 18 years, but can’t vote! Happy to take our taxes, but not our opinion.
Deeply concerned and disapointed about lack of responsability and demagoguery.
No me importaría quedarme o irme porque su cuentito no pasará. Serán hoy, mañana y para siempre parte de España. Ya estuvo el cachondeo. Ya me harté de todas sus vagas….. son incluso más vagos que los españoles. Siento que estan tomando esto de la independencia como una excusa para no ir ni a los estudios ni al trabajo. ¡¡¡YA ME HARTÉ!!!! Hay causas más importantes que defender como la violencia de genero y el cambio climatico…… y nadie hace caso a esos temas. Mejor ponganse a pensar en eso, y vayan a esas manifestaciones.
Huge split down the middle of society. Chasing fantasies. Planning to leave.
I have lived here 20 years and built up a business, but I am now leaving. I have had enough of the arrogance and ignorance of the independistas…
The process is a non sense!! I could leave if independence goes ahead
Don’t do anything without a plan behind it please and embrace and appreciate what you have
I have moved to Minorca indefinitely.If the Separatists win the elections I will leave after 36 years.
Spain is strong together. Taking example Barcelona FC, l dont believe that it would have become World leading football club without Real Madrid / Athletico Madrid and many others.
After 15 years living here, we should be able to vote on this matter
At least in my native Scotland the political leaders who believe in independence are genuine!
My wife (a Catalan with 8 Catalan surnames) is with a united Spain. She doesn’t understand why many Catalan political leaders with an Spanish origin (Rufian, Gabriel, Trapero, Sánchez…) pretend to be more Catalan than the original Catalans. Maybe they deny their Spanish origin to win the affection of their Catalan colleagues or the Catalan bourgeoisie.
Tengo empresa en Barcelona desde el año 2001 y esta situación ha impactado para mal a mi negocio
It’s a shame seeing how they’re driving this region into the ground. My sector (publicity) has been strongly affected. BCN is the city that shoots the most commercials in Europe, lets see if this continues to be the case…
I find the independence movement moronic beyond comprehension. It’s small minded, short sited and divisive. How people can truly believe they are repressed in such a free and wonderful country as Spain is beyond me. I also sense an undercurrent of racism in the belief catalonia is better than Spain, which makes me not want to live here. I own a property in Barcelona, have a Catalan partner and child, however if Catalonia seperates I will not want to be here.
Es realmente un despropósito y un retroceso económico importante en el supuesto de conseguir la independencia. Además ignora todas las normas internacionales.
Just as absurd as Brexit – Nationalism is an aberration of human values
I have lived here 17 years, I got married here and my children are born here. But I’m Irish and my husband is Belgian, and we want our children to be Spanish, and part of the EU, even though speaking Catalan is vital also.
Situación lamentable de quiebre social e institucional totalmente innecesaria y perjudicial para la gran mayoría
Quisiera que todo pasara, o mejor que no hubiese comenzado, pues preferiría quedarme en Barcelona. Considero que es una mezcla de manipulación oportunista con la ingenuidad de mucha gente del pueblo que cree que la independencia puede resolverle problemas que no se van a resolver.
I feel since I arrived 20 years ago that a minority of fundamentalists are pushing catalan domination way beyond common sense : i find uterly irritating to receive all official documents in catalan; the traffic fines; communication with BARCELONA ACTIVA; official work emails in the 3 foreign multinational companies I worked for; driving courses of RACC; road signs ; …. or to be unable to listen a spanish radio that could stick to spanish (RNE or SER swing from castellano to catalan all the time) … or be called fascist if you say you like Spain … Today I moved to Madrid the head office of the company I founded. I would like to know who we should be able to report these abuses to. Thanks. Bertrand
Catalunya could/should be the best place in the world ro live. However as long as politicians have an agenda of separation catalunyas full potential will never be realised.
Independency is destroying the image of Catalunya at global level. The company I work for, has just freezed an investment of millions of euros in Barcelona, because of this.
Loosing business and tired of bad energy from the Catalans. Will probably move to another city in Spain. I maybe come back later when everything is solved.
Han destruido un sueño de fraternidad
I think all this has nothing to do with democracy because there is no information about what will happen in the future. It’s sad but in Spain in general seems they have no idea of what real democracy is
I have been living here for about 20 years. I hope I will not have to leave.
This has been my home for 18 years, both my children were born here, they attend a catalán school, participate fully in the culture and way of life here…yet along with every other working, tax paying “foreigner” here, I have been sidelined. While pro-Independence colleagues have told me that “this is just like the Scottish referéndum”, I’ve been at pains to point out that in Scotland those living and working there had a right to vote in “their” country’s future. We did not. If we had had a chance to vote, I very much doubt we’d be where we are now – as there wouldn’t have been a “majority”. For me now, the rose-coloured glasses are off…it is going to take a very long time before I have any faith that the über-catalans are not choking the rest of us on their retoric and tunnel visión POV.

Thoughts on “SPI survey suggests expats living in Catalonia do not support the independence drive

  • Mark, This is fantastic data! Congratulations for a well planned survey. The results are quite interesting.

    Friendly suggestion if you run this survey again: As many people I speak with are against independence but are also against the Spanish government’s handling of and response to this drive for independence, it may have been enlightening to include a question about that.

    Regardless, the results are interesting. Good job and again, congratulations! I’m sure this was a lot of work.

    • Mark Stücklin says:

      Thanks Gary. It was a lot of work. I could have polled opinions of Madrid’s handling of the crisis, but I can safely say 100% would have responded ‘awful’, so I felt there was not much point.

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