Expats in Catalonia: What do you think of the Catalan independence drive?

The Estelada flag of Catalan independence.

It’s time to ask expats living in Catalonia what they think of the Catalan separatist drive to break away from Spain.

Catalan separatists are pushing for independence from Spain, with major consequences for everyone living in Catalonia, not least the 1.1 million foreign residents who make up 15% of the population (source: idescat.cat).

Separatist leaders with a slim majority in the autonomous parliament declared independence from Spain after a contentious referendum Madrid says was illegal, and to which it responded by suspending Catalonia’s regional government, and scheduling elections for the 21st of December. Will these elections unblock the situation? It’s not clear they will.

Expats who have invested their time, money, and lives in Catalonia, and pay their taxes here, have a lot at stake in this election, but absolutely no say in the outcome, as foreign residents can’t vote in regional elections. And I haven’t yet seen a single opinion poll of expats on this question.

To get a better idea of what expats think about this subject I’m doing a survey of foreigners living in Catalonia, registered here as resident. If you are an expat in Catalonia and don’t mind participating, please answer the questions below.


Read the report on the survey results on expat opinions of the Catalan independence drive.