The cheapest and most expensive streets in Spain

The table below gives the cheapest and most expensive streets for residential property in Spain, organised by Autonomous region, and based on valuations in €/m2 done by the appraisal company Tecnitasa.

So as you can see, the most expensive property in Andalusia is in Puerto Banús at 5,559€/m2, whilst the most expensive street in Spain is Madrid’s Calle Serrano on 10,246€/m2, followed by Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia on 8,957€/m2.

The biggest surprise to me is the relatively low cost of property on the Paseo Maritimo of Palma de Mallorca at 3,634€/m2. I would have expected it to be higher than that.

The table was prepared by Idealista, a property portal.


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