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The Happiest Spanish Families Live In Large Rented Homes

The happiest households are comprised of large families living in big rented homes, finds a new “Study of Happiness In Spanish Homes” by the blog Vivirenflow.com.

Translation and adaptation of an article published in El Mundo.

se-alquila-rentThe study was carried out through 1,000 telephone interviews with Spanish citizens over 18 and selected uniformly by autonomous region, sex, age and social class.

Single person households have the highest levels of unhappiness, especially in small houses.

Specifically, people who rent houses larger than 90 square metres and live with more than three people rate their happiness at 8.31 on a scale of 1 to 10. At the opposite end are people who live alone in houses smaller than 90 square metres and rent. In this case the average happiness rating is 6.27 out of 10.

The report finds that people who live alone say they’re less happy than those who live with at least one other person. The same study reveals that the average household size is three people, fewer in households aged over 61.

This means that, in total, and bearing in mind that most households have more than two members, the average happiness rating for Spaniards is 7.91.

It’s worth highlighting the relationship between household members: married couples form two thirds of households and more than half have at least one child. In contrast, only 2 per cent live with friends.

The study concludes that the determining factor for happiness in Spanish households is to live with more people, particularly family.

Keys to happiness

On the basis of the results, Vivir en Flow shows how important human relationships are in happiness as well as proving that material wealth does not make you happy.

At the same time, it highlights the levels of happiness among Spaniards, who, in spite of the crisis and economic difficulties of the last few years, claim they are mostly happy.

For a happy life, Vivirenflow.com recommends looking after relationships with nearest and dearest, and not worrying too much about possessions and property.

Spanish Property Insight adapts and translates selected articles from the local press for the benefit of non-Spanish speakers.

This translation is based on the following article (in Spanish): Los españoles más felices viven en casas grandes y de alquiler


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