Big US Developer Targets Spanish Real Estate

The Related Group – a big US real estate developer – is heading for Spain with a war chest of 500 million Euro to spend on property deals in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, reports the Spanish press.

Headed by the Argentine-born Jorge Pérez (pictured above), Chairman and CEO of the Related Group of Florida, the company believe that Spain has great potential as a market for first and second homes, and is currently “interesting” for investors, according to an article today in the Spanish daily El Mundo.

Under the direction of Pérez, The Related Group has “redefined the South Florida landscape,” claims the company’s website.

“Since its inception, more than a quarter of a century ago, the firm has built and/or managed more than 60,000 apartments and condominium residences,” the Related Group website explains. “The Related Group is Florida’s top multi-family developer and the largest Hispanic-owned business in the United States. In 2007, the company reported sales of more than $1.5 billion; its current portfolio represents assets under development of more than $10.7 billion.”

The Related Group favours high-end developments and like to associate with big-name architects and designers.

Company executives are reportedly already holding talks with Spanish banks and the Sareb, Spain’s so-called “bad bank”, a path already well trodden by foreign investment funds before it.

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    This is great news for Valencia….We have just sold to our first ever American clients and they are a joy to deal with ,we also have an offer on another Villa from a investor from New York.and another from Canada attracted by the new CASTELLON AIRPORT which has been taken over by a Canadian company SNC-Lavalin,
    The Americans absolutely love this area and will be telling all their friends across the pond..

    • ‘Reports the Spanish Press’ Lol, Another story about a real estate developer, this time from the States, immediately answered by another estate agent, Judith Archer, in the Castellon region trying to push Spanish property. ‘The Americans absolutely love this area’ what rubbish, how many Americans ‘love the area’? Tell me it’s a million who love it and there may be some hope, not 2 or 3 passing through your offices. Majority of Americans have not even travelled abroad.

      There is far better build quality, and far better priced property for sale in the US than in Spain!

      The once gullible Brits are wised up to the agent/ developer/lawyer/website hype that was spouted for years, maybe they think the Americans are the next gullible target group.

      • So true ESP agent / developer / lawyer set up until there is transparency and honesty in Spain in general we won’t be back and sadly I’m speaking from from experience shoddy! shoddy !

  • Nothing libellous was said about the company I mentioned which is also no longer in existence and that is a fact! This has been corroborated by my legal beagle. Subscription based companies are covered below.

    Anne, part of what I posted was that in Spain it is difficult to find any reference point to get honest answers, the market is still unregulated, there are subscription based groups that anyone can join (quite happy to accept our ‘test’ applications for a fee) who may have in house regulation but nothing from Government otherwise it would be in place by now, ‘B’ money is still in major use, and, agents/developers who recommend their in-house lawyers are to be avoided at all costs.

    Back to who can be trusted, this will still generally be your family and close friends who have bough and lived in Spain for some while. It is still a minefield and completely unlike market regulation in the UK for example. There is an awful lot of vested interest because commissions are still way too high and this I’m afraid dictates morals and greed.

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