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Spain leads Eurozone house price declines in Q2


Spanish house prices fell the most in the Eurozone in Q2, according to data from Eurostat.

Average EU house prices fell 2.2pc in Q2, but in Spain the fall was 10.6pc, the biggest decline in the Eurozone, and the second biggest in the EU.

If there is any consolation for home owners and vendors in Spain, it is that price declines appear to be getting smaller. They have shrunk from -16pc in Q3 last year, to -12.8pc in Q1 this year, to -10.6pc now.

Spanish house prices have now fallen for 3 consecutive years, according to Eurostat.

Looking around Europe, property prices rose 9pc in Lithuania, 8pc in Estonia and 5pc in Luxembourg. They fell 20pc in Croatia, 10.6pc in Spain, and 7.5pc in Holland.

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