Government looks at extending Ley de Costas concessions to 75 years

La Manga, a Ley de Costas minefield

Owners who have fallen foul of Spain’s onerous Ley de Costas, or Coastal Law, might end up with a concession-of use-extended to 75 years, rather than the current 30 years.

The Government is reported to be considering a draft law today to extend the concessions of use granted under the Ley de Costas / Coastal Law to 75 years, up from the present 30 years.

The Ley de Costas, which was introduced in 1988, nationalised the entire Spanish coast (the beach and a bit more), plus all the properties that fell within a somewhat arbitrarily drawn boundary. Owners of properties that fell foul of the Ley de Costas were given a 30-year concession of use, which expires in 2018.

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