Asking prices fall 7pc in a year according to portal

Spanish property asking prices for previously occupied homes fell 7.4pc over 12 months to the end of November, according to, a leading property portal.

Resale prices are now down to an average of 2,099€/m2, compared to 2,268€/m2 a year ago.

On a monthly basis, prices fell 1.3pc compared to Octrober, the second largest monthly fall since Idealista starting publishing this index at the start of 2010.

The only autonomous region where prices didn’t fall in November was Cantabria, on the North Coast.

Prices fell the most in the Valencia Comunity, Murcia and Catalonia.

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One thought on “Asking prices fall 7pc in a year according to portal

  • Where do these figures come from!
    I have been interested in a house in Tormos , on for 195000, over priced by about 35000, its an old town house not a small villa , `Agent` tells us it was reduced from 295000, we said that was a mad asking price to begin with , on the market for over 3 years , Vendor(English)has a mortgage and owes the Bank , another couple offered in the region of 170000 and Vendor apparentley refused , we told Agent if we were the Vendor we would have ripped the arms off that buyer , they walked away when it was on for 295000 , so very serious Buyers , this goes to show how bloody greedy and stupid Vendors are , its amazing, Bank costs increasing yet the Vendor sits there another year or more expecting a buyer to pay over the top so Vendor can clear his Debts !!The only way to get a reasonable idea of correct price is to constantly look around in the area one likes and beyond by about 30 miles .
    Any serious Vendor will price accordingly , we , like many others are not looking for silly socalled `bargains` or to rip someone off , just buy a future home for a sensible price and until those morons realise this then resale properties will hang around forever with value falling like a brick, I mean to say , what Buyer in their right mind is going to fall in love with any property in Spain and pay over the odds when that property is a decreasing asset , and will be for some considerable time , worth even 50% if the Euro collapses , or Spain does first !!just noticed a property we tried to buy over 3 years ago , agreed on 130000 , its now on for 150000, again an English owner , sadly not well and in UK but a very iffy Spanish Lawyer and UK `Agent` , Lawyer has Power of Attorney , what a nightmare that saga was but still on market and still falling into dereliction , what a sad and sorry mess it all is, we must be bloody crazy to still want to buy there , one day we will meet a serious seller who has a nice place that we want , preferably without the interfereance of a dodgy UK `Agent !! 2012 may be lucky for us, heavens knows we have been looking for long enough !!

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