Tinsa House Price Index -6.9pc in October

Average Spanish house prices fell 6.9pc over 12 months to October, according to the latest House Price Index published by Tinsa – one of Spain’s leading appraisal companies.

Prices fell the most (-8.1pc) in regional capitals and metropolitan areas (-7.5pc), followed by the Mediterranean coast (-6.9) where holiday-homes are concentrated, and where prices dropped considerably less than September. Prices fell the least in The Balearic and Canary Islands (-3.4pc).

Peak to present, prices are down on average 30pc on the coast, and 20.5pc on the islands.

Tinsa House Price Index October 2011 (pdf)

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Thoughts on “Tinsa House Price Index -6.9pc in October

  • I have an apartment in Playa vera, could you supply me with an estimated value in 5 years please???
    It is valued today at 125,000 Euro, its fully furnished, 2 bed on a complex 5 years old

  • If this question is genuine I find it rather sad-making that someone should ask it. I find it hard to believe that anybody thinks there is anyone out there who can provide a sensible answer other than “nobody knows.”

    The honest answer is that nobody knows now and nobody will know for 50 months or more. The questioner should be entirely sceptical of anybody who claims to have even the vaguest idea.

    In 5 years time, the property market will have dealt you a hand. Those are the cards you’ll have to play with. But you simply won’t know till the cards are in your hand. That’s the world we live in now – uncertainty is the only certainty.

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