House-hunters in Spain make offers 22pc below asking asking prices

In September, the average offer made online through the Spanish property portal was 21.7pc below the asking price. Idealista offer a tool to research the difference between offers and asking prices by area.

Idealista allow house-hunters to make offers online, and have analysed more than 500,000 offers since January. The research reveals that January, March and September are the months with the greatest number of offers made by house-hunters, whilst June was the weakest month in terms of demand.

According to Fernando Encinar, head of research at, demand is strong but house-hunters “can’t afford asking prices and are making offers they can afford to try and close the sale.”

Idealista have a free tool that allows you to research the difference between offers and asking prices by region and month. Click here to use

About Mark Stücklin

Mark Stücklin is a Barcelona-based Spanish property market analyst, and author of the 'Spanish Property Doctor' column in the Sunday Times (2005 - 2008).

2 thoughts on “House-hunters in Spain make offers 22pc below asking asking prices”

  1. Lionel Westell

    I can see that that prices are around 50% of boom time prices, this is if one really wishes to sell. Then if the purchaser needs a mortgage from the Bank, the answer is usually “no but look what we have in the area with a mortgage “. Now that villas in choice locations have dropped so much in price, presenting a good option for cash buyers, properties further in-land have to drop even more to catch the eye of a purchaser. Add to this the fact that the Russians are the new purchasers and are going for known coastal areas, I see little chance for the in-land vendors.

  2. Ian Fairweather

    Hello again Mark, Thanks for your earlier comment in response to my query re the Euro crisis and possible effect on Spanish property prices. I’m still researching and trying to find Firms that i can consult about a property survey that I need, I’ve tried websites, including those advertising with yours, but not getting any suitable replies. Are there any names which you can suggest please?
    Regards, Ian Fairweather.

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