September Tinsa House Price Index -7.4pc

Average Spanish house prices fell 7.4pc over 12 months to September, according to the latest House Price Index from Tinsa – one of Spain’s leading appraisal companies.

Prices fell the most (-8.9pc) in capitals and large cities, followed by the Mediterranean coast (-8.2) where holiday-homes are concentrated.

Peak to present, prices are down on average 24.1pc, and by 31.9pc on the coast.

September Tinsa House Price Index (pdf)

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Thoughts on “September Tinsa House Price Index -7.4pc

  • Have you run any articles about buying property in Spain, and any items to research. Also do you have a forum page for asking questions of other people buying in Spain.

  • Ian Fairweather says:

    I am in the opening sequences of buying a property in the Alora area, but want to be sure that the price reflects a true picture of present & future values relative to the Eurozone difficulties. I don’t want to buy the place & then find that it’s value has halved overnight following a potential collapse of the € or a 2 tier €system being adopted between the north european & med countries. My fear is based on my wife surviving me, deciding that she needs to return to the UK after my death, then finding that she can’t afford to because of our property value halving for example. Any clues where I can get some guidance on this possible eventuality?

  • Ian, nobody has a crystal ball. My guess / hope is that Spain will still be in the Euro in 10 yrs time, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it. If you are worried consider renting instead of buying.

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