Ranking of regional asking price declines since the bubble burst

A ranking of asking price declines since the peak of the boom according to idealista.com, a leading Spanish property portal.

Idealista found the biggest falls in provincial capitals of the Mediterranean coastline, especially in The Valencian Community and Catalonia. Surprisingly, asking prices held up better in Andalucia and Murcia, at least according to Idealista’s research.

Personally I find it difficult to believe that asking prices have fallen more than twice as far in Girona province (Costa Brava) than in Murcia. That suggests there might be a problem with the samples used by Idealista.

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One thought on “Ranking of regional asking price declines since the bubble burst

  • As you suggest Mark, these ‘asking price’ indexes are very flawed. To be frank none of the indexes, especially not the official ones, give any good picture of what is happening out there.

    The one thing this does highlight for me however is just how much asking prices have divorced from reality. It is pretty generally agreed that prices on the costas are at least 30%, probably closer to 50% lower than at peak whereas the drops shown here are in the 15%-20% area.

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