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Cashman Welcomes New Petitions Report On Property Abuses in Spain

Following the Petition Committee meeting 27 May, in the European Parliament, the Committee has decided to launch a new Report into property scandals taking place in Spain which are affecting thousands of people from all across the EU. The Committee was responding to the huge number of petitions, numbering over 20,000 which the European Parliament had received concerning this matter.

“I am pleased that the Petitions Committee has decided to follow up this extremely important matter. People are living in fear of losing their homes, security and future. This affects people from all around the European Union, as well Spanish citizens,” said Michael Cashman MEP Vice President of Petitions Committee (Labour Representative of West Midlands).

He added “I will continue pushing and harassing on this matter until we have a resolution which addresses the needs of thousands of people who are trapped because of these property scandals.”

“I urge the Government of Spain to consult with the regional governments to bring an end to this sorry and shameful series of abuses”.

Mr Cashman warned “If there is no movement on this matter we will have to look at what options we may have in restricting the flow of European Union funds to Spain.”