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It can be difficult to find new developments for sale in Spain because most property portals mix up new homes with resales and treat them all as listings just like any other property for sale in Spain. However, some buyers are interested in identifying new promotions that suit their criteria first, and then seeing what new-build properties those developments have to offer. Here you will find nothing but new developments for sale in Spain, advertised direct from developers and agents with exclusive sales contracts. You can use the filters to refine your search, or the map below to find new promotions for sale all over Spain.

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Choosing a new development in Spain

When choosing to buy on a new development in Spain, pay attention to the following:

Developer’s reputation

Find out what you can about the developer before you buy from them. The promoter’s approach to business will have a big impact on the quality of the development. Believe me when I say that there are some awful developers operating in Spain – British as well as Spanish- whose only objective it would seem is to get as much money from the client in return for as little as possible.

New development Location and surroundings

The importance of location has been fairly well covered over the last 2 millennia or more so I won’t dwell on it. Nothing has changed and it is still fundamental. Think about the lifestyle you want to lead and how location fits in with it. What sorts of places do you want to be able to walk to and how much driving are you prepared to do? Think about views (today and in the future), exposure to the elements, airport access, shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools, noise levels, future development, to mention but a few

Community profile

Try and find out a bit about the breakdown of buyers by nationality, age, and so on with a view to deciding if this is the sort of community you are looking for. And try and establish if it is predominantly a holiday development (and area for that matter) that is deserted out of season. If possible talk to other buyers on this development

Security of the new development

New developments with a common security policy can offer better protection to owners than can other types of property. Find out from the developer what provisions will be made for security, if any, though many developers will leave this decision up to the community of owners once it has been established. A new development with a year-round community will offer better protection than a holiday development, for obvious reasons. The ideal solution is a gated community with 24-hour security.

Services and facilities

Some new developments have a golf course, health & fitness club, clubhouse, hotel, shops and restaurants on site or close by, whilst others have no facilities whatsoever. The more facilities you have access to greater your chances of maximising your enjoyment of the property. Social facilities also create an environment for social interaction and making friends, especially important for people with children.

Community bylaws

Bear in mind that some developments may have bylaws regulating certain aspects of property ownership and other issues, though more often than not the community of owners, of which you will form a part, decides these issues. It is always worthwhile checking this question with a developer before buying.

Keep checking back for more new homes for sale in Spain

This section of new developments for sale in Spain has just been launched (February 2022) and it will take a few weeks to increase the selection of new properties advertised for sale here by developers and agents. Check back for a greater selection of new homes for sale over the coming weeks, as more developers take advantage of one of the few sites where they can showcase their developments in a section dedicated exclusively to presentation of new promotions for sale all over Spain.