World Map Corruption

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    Obviously a completely flawed report as the UK is reported at 5% and Spain at 2% !!!

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    While, I agree that the map is flawed from my personal experience. I would however not feel that Britian is far behind.
    In Britain things are done more subtly and done in a way that few traces are left until a serious or politically motivated
    effort is made to unearth. Unlike other Countries the corruption is not on your face and at a higher level in addition the sums involved e.g a Policeman will not take a bribe and risk his job and his pension for say a traffic offence when the fine will be a much lower amount i.e. a risk against the benefits/reward.

    We are well aware of Jonathan Aitken, Mark Thacther and more to come from G4s latest. Recently a London Council
    had been caught out and the reason they gave was profit sharing i.e. they pay a higher amount & than supposedly the
    contracts refund the over payment.

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