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      I’m trying to obtain on part of a client a refund for ‘minor works’ deposit that was paid to the town hall.

      As it’s minor works, no work took place outside and therefor no damage to the road/pavement etc could occur. The office have said there is no reason for this deposit NOT to be returned now, but they admit that deposits are not being returned as they have no money.

      I’m now considering asking for their formal complaints procedure, has anyone any tips, suggestions etc on this type of complaint, besides the usual (I wish you luck, you have no chance and all those other comments….!)


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      Definately go through the formal complaints. It should be seen seriously enough for the police to become involved as this really is theft! Your money was a deposit and should have been in an escrow account.

      I know they are hot about that AND not just anyone can have a clients account – tends to be lawyers only!! When we wanted one yeasr ago we were advised by Barclays it would have to be in conjunction with a Law firm!

      Once you get shirty with them, they will probably ‘find’ the money!

      Good luck!

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