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    I have heard that new roads,a high speed railway from Madrid and Barcelona plus railway station in Vera , new school and commercial centre are being built and are under construction already in parts in this region

    Does this bode well for property values if all this goes ahead – at the minute our property in Vera Playa is in a small complex near to where all this is going on and we are not sure.Prices have gone down here due to credit crunch and too many apartments available

    Any thoughts?

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    Where did you hear it? Sometimes all these projects are publicised just to push property and most never materialise. Commercial centres can be built but the problem is getting businesses to rent them.

    In the past ten years I have read about so many projects that will include at least a few of these promises…eg. Marina, Golf Course, 5* Hotel, Commercial Centre, new rail links, Airport etc. In reality most just finish up with ugly Apartment blocks miles from the sea in the middle of no-where.

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    we have actually seen the official townhall plans and some of the roads are in progress in vera
    in mojacar they have had plans for the road linking up to ours passed so I think this is pretty much happening
    The new A7 toll road is also being extended further into this area

    fingers crossed

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    This is the POTALA, the Junta de Andalucía’s dream for our quiet neck of the woo- well, desert anyway.
    The POTALA is the ten-year plan great leap sideways as dreamed up by the Junta and wealthy members of the Party. The main bit is about a vast new urban conglomoration (/land grab) in the ‘Llano Central’ a 55km chunk between Mojácar, Vera, Turre, Los Gallardos, Antas, Bédar and Garrucha which will have a train station for the AVE and a few support golf courses, hotels and viviendas to make it worth while.
    See David Jackson’s blog

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    and a few support golf courses, hotels and viviendas to make it worth while.
    Yes, just as I thought 😉 Have they considered the water (lack of it) problem 🙄

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    The high speed rail line is supposed to be coming along the outskirts of Vera and Garrucha. A stop is (supposedly) to be made between Puerto Rey and Vera, somewhere near the Repsol garage. Apparently Spain’s PM has a property in the Puerto Rey/ Vera Playa area and as such, this is (again supposedly) the only coastal stop being planned for the route.

    A new road has opened from the Mercadona in Puerto Rey through to the other Al Andalus developments towards the bottom of Vera Playa. It is a dual carriageway and is now open, the bus has been re- routed to take this into account. There are also improvements being made to the “dirt track” that owners from these developments use to get to Vera.

    A new school has been built in Puerto Rey. I have heard it is a fee paying school and is due to open for the next term. Another new road runs parallel with the main Vera to Bouganville roundabout road and will join at the roundabout before the Vera Hotel.

    Down the bottom of Vera Playa (by Thalassa, Veranda, Hill, etc, sorry I only know Key Mare developments), Key Mare have a big billboard up advertising a new commercial centre. No- one yet has been able to get Key Mare to give a timescale for the beginning of works.

    That’s all I know now until I go back in October.


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