Woman wins case against Santa maria greenhills

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    Possibly a hollow victory as the company are going through bankruptcy 🙁 🙁

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    Shows why Spain needs to seriously speed up it’s Court procedures because the crooks always have too much time to be able to go bankrupt or move to Thailand etc to escape paying their taxes and fines 😡

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    Its years since i last posted on here, after recent events i decided to look in, we eventually decided to appeal and won our case in madrid in december last year, we have just been informed the developer is now bankrupt and to register as a creditor. looks like we made the wrong decision here, so good luck to all brave enough to have completed, this will have to go down as a very expensive mistake 🙁 .

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    You have my fully sympathy jc, it beggars belief that Spain still allows this malpractice ie such lengthy court procedures ending up in claimants winning their case but still losing financially because of bankruptcy get-out cards being played 😡

    It’s no wonder people have turned away, the thing is, hardly anyone comments on it, it’s as if it didn’t happen, it’s a scam and it still goes on with impunity most of the time 👿

    The Government should pay up in cases like this, they’ve allowed it to happen 😯

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    In order to avoid this. Consumers should or should be allowed to place a charge over the company Assets pending a
    Court decision. Perhaps a lawyer can confirm if this is possible under Spanish Law .

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