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    my brother and i bought a property in Spain just over a year ago.

    my short question is, what happens if he dies with a Spanish will, naming me as sole beneficiary?
    he has no partner or children and we have one other sibling.

    how much is a Spanish will?

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    We paid 140e for our 2 wills inc. notary, so about 70e a piece. You really need legal advice but my understanding is that under Spanish law you would inherit your bros. half of the property, subject to paying inheritance tax on the valuation of his 50%.

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    Thanks for the reply Gus.

    sorry i did nt make myself clear in the original post, the house is only in his name!

    would that mean i have to pay inheritance tax on the full amount?

    where does the Spanish inheritance tax threashold begin and what are the rates??

    would a sibling make any difference?

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