why do they want the post box keys

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    I have rented out my property and the agents are awfully desperate for the post box keys…since all the bills come to me in UK I wonder why…they say the tenents want to use the box but they are only there for 6 months..Im not keen to give them the keys am I wrong?

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    Everyone supplies the PO keys as far as I know. I suppose they will want to receive bank statements etc. even Xmas cards.

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    I would have though if they were there for 6 months, they would have a real and genuine need to receive mail. Why on earth would it be of the remotest concern if the bills are already directed to you in the UK????


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    Are you for real?

    You’ve rented out your property but DON’T want to hand over the post box keys.

    Are the tenants not allowed to receive ANY mail for the 6 mth period of tenancy?

    You could not write this stuff!

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    Probably, just wants the money from the tenants. If he could he would want the tenants to just give him the rent without actually living in it.

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