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    I have found this website informative, but to be honest, very hidden.

    To fill in a broker form there is a box that I can decide to tick if I want me details to be passed on, I chose not to and guess what…

    the form can not be submitted unless you tick the box.

    Then I try and email or contact the site owners directly and guess what..

    no contact details on the board.

    Are you just a phishing business to farm email details for lenders?

    If you are affiliated to all of the publications you seem to be, why are you so cloak and dagger, I am sure a major broad sheet would not deal with the proprietors of a website like this!

    Great content, but by hiding yourself, you make yourself look nothing other than a dodgy money lender or a phisher or email details!

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    This post to be honest beggars belief.

    What is the “broker form”?

    I have been a member of this forum for nearly 12 months and not received one bit of unsolicited communication.

    Guest, perhaps you ought to at least register before you post such comments, and then at least substantiate them


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    To ‘Guest’ posting anonymously.

    I’m happy to hear that you find this website informative. I put a lot of hard work into making it so.

    You voice some concerns that I would like to address.

    You say I’m hiding my identity, despite the prominent about page (in the navigation bar and accessible from every page of the main site), with a photo of me, explanation of what I do and a contact email address.

    You complain that you cannot submit a request form, such as the mortgage evaluation request form, without ticking the box that authorises me to pass on your details to an appropriate service provider. Filling in the form without authorising me to pass your request on is a waste of your time, which is why you have to tick the box to submit the form. Needless to say, nobody has ever complained about this before. If you have any doubts then don’t fill in the form. It’s that simple.

    You then go onto suggest that I am lying about the publications I write for, and make various other disparaging remarks. I don’t have time to respond to these remarks. However I can say that, if you feel this way, I suggest you don’t waste any more time at this website.

    Mark Stucklin

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    Oh well you can’t please everyone all the time. You’re doing a great job this site is invaluable for anyone contemplating the nightmare of buying in Spain as I have just done.

    I would have been ripped off by my lawyer/developer by about 2000euros if it wasn’t for the info on your site.

    Well done keep up the excellent work.

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    The guest who opened this subject may have made unsubstantiated claims and not made his point clearly but none the less there are some issues of clarification I would be interested in having Mark’s comments on. For example under resources and solutions there is a list of recommended solicitors with their contact details. So why not similarly for mortgage brokers, currency brokers and building surveyors? Why does a personal informaton form have to be completed to obtain this information? It raises the suggestion of a referral process although I am not saying this is actually the case.

    A related query I have is how this website is actually funded. The service is clearly entirely independent, professional and comprehensive and takes substantial time and effort to run. There is no advertising and I can only conclude that it is run as a charity, subsidised by Mark, or it receives some funding for example commissions from referrals to recommended professionals. If the latter occurs and again I am not saying this is the case I would in no way object. Mark has to be paid and deserves to be paid although disclosure of the nature of the relationship between him and those professionals he recommends would be useful.

    Mike Grant

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    One of the recommended lawyers on this site claims to be a partner of this site, don’t know what that means. But…hey this is a great site, far better than many others.

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    Have not been on for a while but made many enquires about things followed up on mortgage intrest, no problems got helpfull advise and have not been chased to take up any offers same as the gentleman Cesar always ready to offer help and advice never been approached. This site has helped me and long may it continue. i near compleation though months behind without this site and others i would have signed up stright away if i had found this site before my deposit i guess i may never have bought many thanks admin and forum members 😀

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    Sorry must be my age still ment what the posting says have used my laptop thats why i had not logged doh 😳

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