Who pays the estate agent?

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      Hello! Who usually pays the estate agent for the sale of a house – seller or buyer? I know that when you rent a house, it’s the tenant who pays the fees, so I’m wondering if it is the same for a sale.


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      Hi there, usually the seller appoints the agent to sell the house for him and a fee is agreed in the event of a closed sale.

      In the dim and distant past, when Spanish prices were cheap (yes honestly they were) and for example only a few thousand pesetas, agents would add their fees to the price the seller asked for. Also the Spanish didn’t use agents at all, so they would set a price they wanted and any extra was for the agent, in which case the buyer effectively paid the fees.

      In some cases buyers use the services of a property finder, who charges the buyer a fee for finding the property he or she has requested.

      So, it depends on your circumstances really as to what you pay.

      Ps nowadays, there isnt a finders fee paid by tenant to rentor! The owner of the property pays a one month equivalent to the agent for finding the tenant!!!

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      Re your PS, Inez; Not true in Lanzarote. Currently about 50% of agents charge the tenant and 50% charge the landlord. In the second case, contracts are often for 10 or 11 months, so that if the tenant breaks the contract by leaving before the term is up (as many seem to be currently doing) they lose their deposit, which is normally the same as one month’s rent. Which is the same as the finder’s fee.

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      Hi DrRobert,

      Many agents here still charge a finders fee, either a full month to the tenant, a part month plus some to the owner. Due to oversupply, many now offer no fees to the tenant, charge a deposit which is kept if the contract is broken and collect the fee from the owner – I’m also talking about the 11 month agreement we have here too.

      I have walked away from a house rental before when the agent has tried to stick a fee on top and its very common in Seville, I’ve found too.

      I just wanted to point out the the OP it isnt set in stone.

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