who is lady Sra. Bueno what is the OMIC how do I contact it

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    does the OMIC cover all new developments in spain or is it just certain regions as I have the usaul LFO problems. can this body force the builder to stop messing around and complete and fix all the snags on a new house?

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    The OMIC (Oficina Municipal de Informacion al Consumidor) is the department which every Ayuntamiento has to deal with consumers’ complaints/problems – it’s not restricted to dealing with developers.
    Have a read of this thread which explains:

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    ….Just to add:

    Sra. Mercedes Bueno is the lady at the Marbella’s OMIC – it is a government funded office, and Sra. Bueno has a lot of clout when it comes to complaints from the public about anything to do with housing and construction (she is in charge of that particular department within OMIC).
    Unfortunately, she does not speak English but if you don’t speak Spanish, simply do what I did. Visit her with a Spanish-speaking friend.
    She knows the law, and certainly is up-to-speed with the current ‘government’s standpoint’ of the day.

    ‘Ear to the ground’ is putting it mildly.
    She is extremely accessible, and extremely helpful.


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