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    Does anyone know what is the best Pay As You Go mobile phone network to us on Costa del Sol?

    We are looking to buy 2 phones for low usage, just to use as back incase we get lost car breaks down etc.

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    Vodaphone seems to get the best coverage accross Europe, you can get a Vodaphone pay as you go for 40 euros in Carrefour at the moment, I’m sure you can find other cheaper offers!

    But I can’t say for the Costas!


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    Although I am with vodafone and it is fine, telefonica offer the best coverage. Being the main telephone provider they would do However their rates can be expensive – if you dont know how to get the better rates which means speaking Spanish.

    However like in the uK they are all pretty much of a muchness and of the three main ones – vodafone, Telefonica movistar and amena, Amena seems to be the cheapest for most users, vodafone offer good rates but their points system means you get a new telephone eveyr few motnhs (if you want one) and movistar offer the best coverage where we are

    Good luck

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