Where’s katy?

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    Where are you katy, I miss your debating skills?

    Spain needs you, how else are we going to stabilise and legitimise Spanish Property Industry? 🙄

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    Nice to see someone misses me 😉

    The only thing I have been debating is whether to have a Margarita or a vodka-Martini. I left my I-Pad in an airport(tucked down a sofa and I thought hubbie had it!) so I was incommunicado for a while…best thing that ever happened….will never take one on holiday again 😆

    Did just see that another Mayor in Axarquia has been aquitted of giving out licences. His excuse was he didn’t know they were illegal!!

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    Hola katy 😉

    Does that mean you went ‘down ol’ Mexico way’ then what with the Margarita? I’ve had plenty of them in Old Town San Diego, my favourite City 🙄

    Look what’s happened since you’ve been gone, Spain has pledged to clean up it’s property act in the next couple of weeks 😆

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    Why would anybody carry their ipad on holidays ???. Surely one of the reason for holiday is to not take your stresses etc with you.

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    Use it to chat with family. Like a half hour to unwind before sleep. Was nice though not to read European news about the Greek crap 8) Very impressed to get the I-pad back….arrived home before I did 😮

    Not Mexico, beaches are fab but a lot of crime now and most of the hotels are run by spanish companies which means sub-standard European service and rip-off prices. Florida and Caribbean for us 😀

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