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    could anyone help please, can anyone tell me where you could buy a spanish 1/2 bed property nr the sea at a low price please,£50k max where there is a majority of houses are full , some shops, market, some bars etc, i keep coming across torovejca or the terraced properties named campusol which all seem to have a arch effect to the front of them /not looking to drive so looking for nr to sea with taxi transfer from airport, but not a run down area also keep seeing villamartin, crop up
    regards craig

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    If you’re referring to Camposol Mazarron, I’d stay away from there. Do a google search, plenty of horror stories. I went for look to see what all the fuss was about last year, its in the middle of nowhere, around 20 mins from the coast.

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    I’d rethink buying anything on a tight budget. There are always unexpected expenses and if you are cutting it close, your dream purchase could turn out to be a lifelong nightmare.

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    There are a few apartments in Gran Canaria if you go out of the main tourist areas I have seen some in Vecindario which is not far from airport and not far from the south in the 30’s but not many. I have seen one in a modern well kept block in Mogan for 30,000 – I noted the phone number for this in the window if anyone wants it. I have seen a few quite cheap in San Fernando close to Playa Ingles ie upper 30’s but not very nice. It is very difficult to predict future house prices in Spain because unemployment is high but the figures can be misleading as quite a few moonlighting on benefits. As in UK many people expanding their families to claim maximum benefits and avoiding low paid work. It seems many employers here only put their employees down for small numbers of hours and pay the rest in cash. So in effect low wages are paid despite the high National Minimum that is supposed to be paid. I find though property is expensive in areas frequented by Scandinavians but maybe not always the price in the estate agents windows is actually paid. So I think anyone looking for an apartment and can spend 50,000 ought to be able to buy something in Spain or the islands without difficulty depending on their expectations not being lavish. Sterling is currently relatively strong -how long will it last ? UK is a trading nation -when you have Japan devaluing its currency and other Asian currencies under pressure apart from China seemingly can sterling be 20 per cent overvalued? The euro is said to be overvalued against the US dollar but nobody is really betting on it falling as much as would be useful for Spain.

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