where is Oliva?

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      Hello can anybody tell me where Oliva is? Somebody described it on here and it sounded very nice,which airport is it near etc?

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      Click this link to see Oliva on the map:


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      Hi Big tone

      Oliva is midway between Valencia and Alicante. Actually it is closer to Valencia by about ten minutes. Depending on who you speak to it is on the edge of the Costa Banca or just inside the Cosat Azahar. The boundary is in fact in the Costa Azahar.

      It is a Spanish working town whihc has a backdrop of mountains with a larg eflat plain leading to the beaches. The town itself has an historic part – the casco antigua or the old town which has many narrow streets winding up the hill, and the new twon which is mainly apartment blocks centered around the paseo.

      There are two Moorish churches which rise out of the old town and give the place its character, with the backdrop of the old ruined castle. The castle though is not much more than a single wall – although it still looks impressive from afar a closer inspection reveals the truth.

      There is main road leading to the beach which is predominantly villas and down by the beach there are apartment blocks, chalet, villas and new style town houses.

      The beaches themselves are fantastic – long white sandy beaches backed by protected sand dunes with natural fauna cactus etc growing wild.

      In Summer after San Juan (June 23rd) they start erecting the beach bars which are great fun and during the day act as welcome refreshment holes when playing on the beach. In the evening they turn into mini night clubs and just great places to be.

      If you are looking to buy here be careful which areas you choose. If you want to go to the old town then do not go too high up as this is the Gypsy quarters and there are lots of problems there. However it is very local to that specific area and outside of this there are few problems.

      If you are looking for a townhouse the best places to be are around Calle San Vicent, The Town hall area, or around the church Santa Maria, and the area towards the chimneys (although around the chimneys itself tends to be a bit ugly).

      There is a Brit community here but it is still a very Spanish town and Spanish is spoken as well as Valenciano. Although English influence can be seen it isn’t in your face.

      I have lived in the area for 3 and a half ears and had a property here for five. There is lots around the area – beaches golf, horse riding, mountain pursuits, water sports and you can even enjoy a tranquil life style.

      Property prices here – these are average and obviously depend on where exactly you want to be and the age and condition of the property.

      2-3 bed townhouse for reform – 60 – 120K
      3 bed apt in town – 120 – 150K
      3 bed townhouse 130 – 170K
      3 Bed villa out of town – 250K – 350K
      2 bed apt close to beach – 160 – 200K
      2 Bed apt 2 or 3rd line beach, 220 – 250K
      3 bed villa close to beach – 300 – 600K
      New terraced house close to town centre – 220 – 250K

      If you want more info on Oliva and the fiestas (of which there are many throughout the year) drop me a PM and I will give you links to articles about the area

      Best wishes and regards

      Vince Barnes

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