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    Here an interesting article about the Trampolin Hills Resort in Campos del Rio (Murcia).

    Around 2000 buyers are due to lost their money:


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    A protest was held on Saturday demanding return of monies and jail for the two owners of the company. They want Antonio Martínez and Rafael Aguilera imprisoned for fraud amounting to 60 million €.

    60 million €, never built anything and yet still out on the streets. Unbelievable.


    Interesting bit:
    “Trampolín Hills was recently fined the amount of 350,000 € for failing to put in place a bank guarantee for their investors. Such a guarantee is required under Spanish law to cover refunds for unfinished properties.”

    How many other developments never provided bank guarantees but we never hear of them being fined. Aifos a prime example.

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    Incredible to think that as well as many North Europeans investing in Trampolin Hills without checking for evidence of a developer bank guarantee, quite a few Spaniards, it would seem, did too..

    Juan Carlos, Elche, 64.000 euros. Susana, Murcia, 25.000 euros. Poli, Alcantarilla, 30.000 euros. Dionisio, Cartagena, 49.000 euros. Óscar, Los Garres, 25.000 euros. Eduardo, Alicante, 15.000 euros.

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