What\'s the story with the Delta D\'Ebre?

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      I’ve been down there a few times and it’s struck me how completely unspoilt- even empty- it is. Wide open deserted beaches. Natural rice-field flat landscape. Very little development. 45 minutes from Reus airport and 1.5hrs from Barcelona airport.

      What I did notice is that the small development that is there, Riumar has roads in terrible condition, yet the road to Riumar is fine. It’s as if Riumar “isn’t supposed to be there”.

      What’s the story? Why isn’t anyone buying down there? Is it really the mosquitoes? Is it all being washed away?


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      Mark Stücklin


      It’s a question I’ve asked myself before, and I don’t know the answer. I was down there for lunch in January (picture above was view from the restaurant), and though the area isn’t exactly upmarket, the countryside is pretty impressive. I guess there isn’t much choice of homes, and it’s not really on the radar. There are no big agents working the area.

      I know an architect trying to get a luxury eco-development off the ground in the Delta. See how that goes.

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      Hmm- “upmarket” obviously a matter of taste! I personally think golf course developments are downmarket  🙂  but I’m well aware I’m in the minority there!

      Luxury eco development makes a lot of sense. I’ve noticed more and more that “eco” no longer means sleeping in a yurt and toasting your tofu over a campfire. Northern europeans with money are increasingly interested in getaway spa type places that downplay the bling but turn up the nature. Have you seen the price of some yoga retreats these days!?

      Back to Delta D’Ebre- I was wondering if Riumar was suffering from risk of being found in breach of the Ley De Costas. (What is the latest on that anyway?)

      And no Spanish/Catalans there either. Curious.

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