What happens if (or when) UK withdraws from EU?

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    Michael Lye

    The probability of UK leaving EU seems to be increasing. How will this affect British ex-pats in Spain? I’m thinking of health insurance and property ownership?

    Ideas please and perhaps advice re. investing at the present time.

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    According to the following article (May 2014) several scenarios are possible. Unfortunately as I read it, non of the possible outcomes paint a pretty picture.


    Is this anti EU a political exercise in retaining the power of the politicians? The latest figures (Eurostat) I could find indicate that there are more foreign nationals in the UK from outside the EU (3.9%) than from within the EU (3.8%) and overall 7.7%, much less than Switzerland (non-EU 23.2%) Spain 10.9%, Ireland 11.8%.

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    If we go back into the EAA (European Economic Area) where we were before joining EU we will still get the EHIC European Health card.I am not sure about the reduced CGT on a property sale though.But many sellers only pay 3 per cent and clear off anyway.

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