What does this Spanish Land definition mean?

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      “suelo no urbanizable de Proteccion Especial Compatible – Paisajes Agrarios Singulares o de Regadio – Tipo 2”

      We are considering buying a house, but it is on land defined as above.

      The house does not have a build certificate, but others nearby do.

      We are being told that to correct this situation we need to pay a fine, the house will not be knocked down.

      Any thoughts please?


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      It means don’t touch it with a bargepole..walk away. There are plenty of legal houses.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      @ Salan

      you need to talk to a specialist about this!

      This is agricultural land. You cannot simply buy it and have it has a holiday home with pool, etc… you may have to use/work the land. You need to confirm what sort of structure is permitted on the land, and so on.

      Normally for these sorts of plots, the houses on them don’t have build certificates due to age of construction. There should still be habitation licenses, etc… You also need your lawyer to check everything is correct with the land registry and the Junta, not only the town hall.

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      The location is fantastic…

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      Roughly where is it? Risks are bigger depending on the autonomous region.

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