What does it mean for an illegal build to be ‘regularised’ ?

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    Please can ANYONE tell me exactly what the above means and the ramifications of such a regularisation.

    Many thanks

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    My next door neighbour just went through the process.
    It took him a few months and lots of architects drawings showing everything. About 12 different large scale plans. 1 for water. 1 for electric. 1 for thickness of walls. 1 for materials used etc.
    Cost him 8000 euros to get it all done, signed and stamped.

    I suppose it all depends on where you are and exactly why it is illegal in the first place.

    My neighbours was “illegal” in the sense that, as many people do, he adds another room to his house every year!
    As he is considering selling, he thought it best to get it all above board.

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    Reason I asked in the first place is because we think this house is on rustic land and not urban. There is no LFO and we are on builders water and electricity.

    It seems such houses will NEVER be fully legal, therefore as we understand it, the Junta de Andaulsia will get around, at some point, in ‘regularising properties such as this’…………… hence the question in the first place.

    What does regularisaton entail and what are the ramifications. I really need to know, or whom to ask even Solicitors’ do not appear to understand at the moment either :0(

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    I think there is a lot of speculation but very little if any firm news on what it means. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Junta are still preparing a working document on this policy and that it is not yet finalised.


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    Thank you for your kind reply. I wondered why no one appeared to have any real facts about this proposal.

    I am with you, I reckon the Junta ARE still working on it………..and one just knows how long that is likely to take, how long is a piecde of string????


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    There was a recent article in El Pais http://tinyurl.com/3an35p about the process, although not for your particular area. There is some more general but dated info from the Defensor del Pueblo Andaluz here http://www.defensor-and.es/informes/ftp/urbaileg.htm

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