What are the keys to recovery?

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      SPI News

      Euroval, the valuation and appraisal specialists have released a report on the Spanish property market aiming to identify the factors that will be necessary for a recovery in the sector.

      The conclusions drawn from the report are that the price of housing and the availability of mortgage finance will depend on various factors.

      These will include: the role of investors, the way that financial institutions liquidate their assets, prices dropping to a level that is suitable for the amount of demand (this differs depending on regions) and finally, and most importantly, the evolution of the economy and of the labour market.

      The idealista article and full Euroval research paper can be found here.

      Various factors will have to come into play if there
      is to be a recovery in the Spanish real estate sector

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      You can only have a recovery with full transparency and proper regulation otherwise Spanish property will always have a slur on it’s history. 🙄

      There are a number of other things that would help which some of us have listed many times before, quite happy to list them again 😉

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