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      Must admist to being one of the very lucky ones. We did it without the big developers. Small company,individual build, we saw and had a copy of ALL licences BEFORE build started. Water and electricity connected to site within 2 weeks of build starting. This we could do because we were listed as promoters. Build took 11 months and 2 days…have to be correct.
      Because we intended to relocate permanently we could go this route.

      What amazes me is that the UK Trading Standards Dept appear unaware of the trouble and heartache caused through these exhibitions which are constantly happening . Especially as many of these companies are British based.
      They don’t appear to take notice of the bad publicity on tv shows or newspapers either

      in Albox,for example big developers ,some mentioned on this site , are still promoting properties that anyone who reads the local Spanish papers know have NO licence to build. Doubful they ever will be legalised. The fact they are doing it anyway shows their total disrespect for the buyers they can reel in and who are the only losers.

      Although we were fortunate in our choice and route it was not without concern and much anguish at times. No-one has done more research into our move than we did. Read every printed article we could. Questioned every thing and we still had hiccups. Unfortunately there are many dishonourable people out there and sorting out the weeds from the chaff is more luck than judgement.

      My advice for what it is worth

      If you have a pang of doubt. WALK.
      If you cannot see the licence to build. RUN

      There is more property than buyers in Spain.

      Weather is better in UK at the moment !!!

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      Melosine – I totally agree with you about the Exhibitions. See in the Press that they are regularly supported by a firm of Lawyers who I’m not crazy about and have been denounced in Malaga Law School, but still they are allowed to appear as experts to unwary souls in GB. Hopefully they will be punished by their Colegio – then we’ll have something solid to use over here with Exhibition organisers etc 😉 😉

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