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      I have just read a few posts that said i should have put my solicitors office down as my address in Spain.

      I thought I had to put my property address, which I did when I got the NIE number 2 weeks ago whilst on holiday.

      However, even then I just used the builders plot number as I wasnt aware at the time of the ‘official’ postal address.

      Perhaps I have misunderstood the nature of the NIE but I thought it was primarily a tie in to your Passport/Country of Origin similar to the UK National Insurance number and wasnt linked to any particular property.

      Have i wasted my time now in getting the NIE number issued or have i complicated matters by not having the correct postal address ?

      As it is, if i had discovered this web forum BEFORE i had gone on the viewing trip then i seriously doubt i would have put any money down !!

      I do like Spain, and love the area of Murcia and i have Spanish friends who live near to where I am buying but even so it is a very stressful undertaking !! I just hope my parents will make the most of the house as the intention is for them to use it as a retirement home for the ‘off peak’ season.


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      Mark, don’t worry, if they have issued a number thats all you need. I have moved house 4 times since mine was issued and it still has the first address on it.

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      Thanks for the reassurance.

      I am reading so many ‘bad/worrying’ things on here that i am seriously considering giving up on reading ! LOL


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      Don’t worry Mark. The great value of this forum is that it helps you learn from the problems and mistakes of others. By learning about them you can avoid them, so don’t stop reading.

      Spain is a fabulous country, quality of life is unbeatable. Great place to buy a home.


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      Mark of Loxley

      I agree with Mark

      Spain is a fabulous country, quality of life is unbeatable. Great place to buy a second home.

      My two and four year old adore it and mum and dad have a great time as well 😀



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