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      We have been paying our own 214’s at Cambank, Guardamar, who took the envelope with the triplicate forms for each of us. They stamped all the forms then handed one each back to us.(Last paid in Dec 2007 for tax year 2006)

      I’ve just seen this on another large forum…‘When I got to the point of paying at the bank they took the paymnet but instead of posting the stamped forms I was given a NRC code which i am to enter on the Agencia Tributaria website ..http://www.aeat.es to confirm payment. I have not been able to work out where on the website this needs to be done..any ideas?

      Poster was answered by a lawyer who said .. ‘You will have to file the 214 form online, through https://www5.aeat.es/es13/h/ie42140i.html.

      The NRC has to be entered in a field right at the top of the form.
      You will need a digital certificate before you can access this form

      Does anyone know if we will encounter this as we’re due to go to Guardamar, which is under the Elche tax office area, for xmas & will need to pay it when over & it’s worrying us now. 🙁 Maybe it’s something new 😯 or maybe it was the bank the poster used. He was in Duquesa, CDS not in the CB as us, if that made a difference. Just maybe he handed the bank just the forms rather than them plus the required envelope !

      Anyone know for certain please, has anyone paid their own at Cambank in our area recently & if so, was it accepted as easily as it was as I explained it was, last December ?

      Thanks in anticipation 😕

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      Hi joycemay,

      At the CAM bank you can either get the forms stamped or the NRC code. Make sure you tell them that you want the forms stamped (make it clear that you do not wish to get the NRC code). Once the payment has been done and the NRC is generated, it is very difficult to cancel the transaction and obtain a refund, leaving no option but to submit the forms online with a digital certificate.


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