We all live in a yellow submarine

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    Hilarious shakeel, a good use of money for a bankrupt country, it’s a bit like their property market, sunk but trying to re-float but failing to address the key issues to help it re-float, which are ‘Simples’ đŸ˜† đŸ˜‰

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    Angie, I love the country, at the same time I am a person who calls a spade a spade. The people are as clever however collectively they cannot work, take responsibility, take pride. This is all down to accountability. It is a miracle
    that as a team they won the world cup etc ( must be the one of the virgins on the road to the stadiums) .

    I am waiting to see the mess they will create for the train project in Saudi Arabia. In fact I was surprised that this was not awarded to a German Company !!!

    Take any sector of life in the Country and you will find gross incompetance. Did they not think a project of this nature will have the eyes of the world ? This was not some private, unregulated ( not that regulation means anything in spain ) company.

    Needless, to say that back handers were in play a common practise through out the world in such projects.However the scientific bodies make sure the viability of the project.

    The recent issues in Spain, The housing sector & all connected with it, The Royal family, the legal profession, taxation, banking, corrupt Mayors, politicians, airports not working, Junta de Andalusia etc, etc. , .

    I get very annoyed when some forum users post incidences hoping or thinking that they can shame a Country. The Country & its people do not have shame & never had it as far I can go into recent history. They live in their little world as far they can put dinner on the table, have money for the feria, ( I apologise for the generalisation ).

    This is one of the reasons that many would not invest in Spain. As a commercial activity which could create jobs and economic uplift.

    I have had very heated discussions with my Spanish friends, When I tell them that Spain is great for fiesta y punto

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    shakeel, those people who made that submarine weren’t very clever, but I get where you are coming from đŸ˜‰

    Let’s hope Spain doesn’t decide to go to war with the UK over Gibraltar, my money’s on the UK, our submarines are still able to dive and come up again đŸ˜†

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    Spain cannot go to war with a Country like Morocco !!! The army personal are too busy scheming a take over while placing candles at Franco’s grave.

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