Water meter tampered

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    About a month ago I received a letter from Hydrqua to say they had discovered my water meter had been tampered with and suddenly I owe them 750 euros. I was shocked by this and immediately asked my Abogado to investigate thinking there was some mix up. He has come back to me now to say they have pictures of my meter “with a small iron inside” to reduce the readings of water used. My meter is on a public road in the open and I cannot believe that I can just be accused like this and have no defence. They have changed the meter so they are holding all the cards. Does anyone have any experience of this sort of thing?

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    Chris Nation

    What can it benefit anyone else to spike your meter?

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    Hi Chris, Yes exactly there is no benefit other than getting me into trouble which I doubt was what happened. My Abogado is sending me pictures soon of the tampered meter so I may learn more from those. I can only think there is some mix up or mis-interpretation that has resulted in this. The awful thing is that I am tried and convicted without any knowledge of what happened. Certainly my bills have been pretty consistent over the last 5 years at least, but I don’t know from when they are claiming this has happened. I am completely in the dark and sitting here in England it is very frustrating.

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