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      I’m new in this forum (got may approval yesterday, all thanks go to mark s.). So I’d like to say hello to everybody in introduce myself to the crowd. I’m a bit GAGA this morning, but you may stay with me anyhow… :mrgreen:

      I’m German (that’s in the Euro-Zone, no Pound sign on my keyboard). So please apologize if I do typos or if I miss a point or two. For those living in Spain or UK: we have an ongoing discussion here in Germany about the Google street view cars. Lots of people are complaining about data protection. Not-wanting their garden gnomes to be visible by everybody in the world etc. pp. While they all watch down the street lurking for the Google street view car to show up (the VW golf with the high camera pole on top) they do not realize that a competitor already launched a helicopter which is flying around their heads.

      So here’s a link to the resulting image collection which proves my point. Probably made in 2005 by the Microsoft company heli flying around Torrevieja which is located in Spain at the Costa Blanca. Note, that no all places in spain where visited by that flying thing until now. Follow these steps:

      1) Open a new browser tab (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome)

      2) Type in this address:
      Will display the search service/map Input field

      3) Type in this search term: Torrevieja
      Will display result==Torrevieja, Valencia, Spain

      4) The “birds eye” image button may be hidden (White on White) but should work if the map display is centered on the Torrevieja needle. You may need to zoom in to street level first.

      5) If you have switched on the Birds Eye view, you can fly around the small town, switch your viewpoint and zoom in/out. You should spot lots of property that needs to be sold. But I have no luck. I cannot read the “Se vende” signs from this distance but your eyes may be better than mine.

      FAQ) no-no. Google maps and Google earth display only a mathematical interpolation as it is visible from outer space. Perspective and Depth is missing for that reason. Sputnik LTD. is no alternative to take pictures from a helicopter…

      I include 2 screen shots just in case that birds eye view is not available on your computer or is prohibited in your country (remember: Microsoft is USA, and non-USA residents sometimes cannot view anything visible from inside USA such as the HULU TV service). I’m connected via OpenVPN and use a browser on my Boston located VPS. Ah – yes. I compute since 30 years now. Now I go and have my first coffee to start my day with a clear mind.

      // SOT

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      Hi Sot,

      Welcome to the forum.

      I always use Google maps and street view, never Microsoft’s Bing. I’ve now checked it out. You do get a bit more detail, and a different angle, so it could be useful if you want more detail on a particular property. But overall I still find Google maps and street view more useful. Easier to use too.

      Nevertheless, useful to know about Bing’s maps. Thanks

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