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    For those of you based abroad but who like to keep a UK mobile switched on:

    I recently returned to UK and while there decided to buy another mobile tel. with a UK Vodafone sim card.
    Since my return I’ve had three missed calls showing a number I didn’t recognise. Instead of ringing back, my curiosity was getting the better of me, I googled the number.

    And guess what, it led me to a blog where people have written how it is Vodafone calling. Apparently they know when you are abroad and when it costs money to answer. If you do call them back out of curiosity obviously this costs even more.
    The reason they call? Just to see how satisfied you are with their service!
    This is an absolute scam by Vodafone so thought I’d post the three numbers they use in case anyone else is having the same calls.

    The three numbers are (it doesn’t show up as Vodafone calling):
    0044 7836 953421/422/423.

    I thought this stuff is illegal.

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    when I Googled those numbers I got 23.8659373
    what did I do wrong ?
    If it was a Vodafone service call then it would be free of charge. As you didn’t answer the call it is difficult to assume that you would have been charged anything.

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    The number showing on the mobile starts with 0044 because the call is coming from UK and the mobile is with me abroad.

    Knowing the number was calling from UK, when I googled the number I first dropped the 0044 and added the normal 0 for a UK number.
    Therefore the number that shows up on your phone when abroad is the one I gave in my post, but the number I actually googled was 07836 953421.

    This is the link I got via Google: http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/07836953421

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    Hi Charlie

    What a very useful site thanks



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    I just dialled the number and ‘the number you have dialled has not been recognised’. So maybe this little annoyance has gone away.

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    both I and the wife have had these calls in recent months – not good at all ūüė°

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