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    Dear Mark and Raymundo
    I hope you can help. I have registered my house with the ATR but wish to rent it out for more than the allowed maximum of 3 months of the year.

    One of the extra rentals is for more than two months during the winter but I have regular and new short term lets from early May until end of October [six months].

    I also rent out houses for clients promoting them on Homeaway;   some have decided not to do anything [which is worrying as I think the Junta see the fines for infractions of these two licences as extremely substantial sources of income].

    I obtained one VTAR licence in May and a second one last week – in the Cadiz area so far less than 750 VTAR licences have been issued – I do not know about the VFT licences.

    For several clients I have also achieved 10 month occupancy each year.

    I have read Raymundo’s articles which have been very helpful  but would like to know if there is a licence to apply for for long term rentals or if there is a list of requirements or indeed if an inspector would check;  from what I have been able to find out it seems that long term holiday rentals where the renter has a permanent home elsewhere is fairly informal.

    Only allowing short term rentals for three months in any twelve month period seems unfair and in England would I think breach the competition rules  [so possibly EU rules as well] as hotels are not restricted. Will this be challenged? The licence mentions this in bold letters but can they enforce just three months?

    With many thanks.



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