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      Maybe with the stricter and more austere financial environment there will be a positive side to all this. Future purchasers will come because they want to integrate into Spanish life – including learning the language. Maybe bringing a skill that will guarantee earning a good living . Maybe bringing more of their family as heirs who will bring up children for whom Spain is their birth place. When I return to England in spring -I leave behind the strong sun and the friendly people it nurtures.I regret that as non-resident I can only stay 182 days. When I come back to my English home that I bought 30 years ago from my own resources I a m still fond of it – I understand others in an uncertain world feeling more secure in their homeland if they are older. only as non-resident we could pay a little more tax and stay another month or two a year on request even if not every year 1 in 3 or 2 in 3. I hope Spanish Lawyers and Parliamentary deputies read this and think of the extra revenue it would bring without resentment.. As long clients of Spain could make a good bargain with us and help Spain through to a better economy. I suspect differences in figures about numbers highlighted in Angie’s post of Uk people there differ because some live there illegally without paying any taxes and maybe some drawing rents from their UK homes.I only know 1 person who does this -a very ordinary person who ‘scratches’ a living and I think maybe there are some others. Maybe we should understand if Spain expects no more than we would in our country . Present sales must present an opportunity to anyone who genuinely wishes to settle in Spain to avoid ever having to pay rent. Once you pay for a home -ITS PAID. Rents can be cheap now BUT they can take off very quickly and such a trend can be more worrying because you have no security of tenure. However much your bought home were to go down in value it is still SOMEWHERE TO LIVE .Long term I cannot believe they will go down ! . If you are not greedy and buy what you can reasonably expect to afford to live in you will begin to think if you have a secure income (as secure as we can) then don’t write Spain off .

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