VAT on furniture import

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    We are importing our furniture and personal effects from the US, therefore not within the EU. We were told we must pay VAT but no one seems to know the basis on which the value will be set. Someone said it might be the amount of insurance on the shipment, others have said it might be the new value even though the furniture is quite old and used …

    Anyone have any concrete experience with this?

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    I would telephone either the VAT office (IVA if it’s in Spian) or the shipper you are using as they will tell you.


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    The shipper told us it depends on the individual custom’s officer, he can assess it at whatever he wants. I also read through much of the customs’ website, it is very ambiguous. Says ‘what it would cost to buy in Spain’.

    The customs’ office I haven’t called (am not in Spain) but we are told they cannot tell us without seeing the shipment inventory list.

    That’s why I’m asking if anyone has actually done this and what was their experience.

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