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      Collected my IBI invoice for this year in Mazarron, Murcia and the Valor Catastral is showing down in value from last year by 27%. I use this figure to calculate my Non Residents Tax. It makes me nervous to use this as my basis as I can’t understand why it might have been reduced. Has everyone’s Valor Castral gone down in this area and does it sound logical that my Non Resident’s Tax would be REDUCED in this way?

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      Hello ….. Anybody out there?
      Is it just me …….. shocked that my taxes would be reduced?
      Your opinion/knowledge would really help me.
      I don’t want to submit an incorrect tax assessment if I can help it.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Yes, I read online that the town hall approved a reduction in the valor catastral in Mazarron. Non-residents benefit the same as residents. Don’t worry, be happy. How often do your taxes go down 😉

      If you want to be sure check with a local lawyer or fiscal expert.

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      There has been a general reduction – in Estepona it is also 27%.

      However do you use the old or new valuation to calculate non residents tax (Modelo 210) for payment in 2014?


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      I am no expert. I believe I had to take the value from the 2014 IBI to pay my Non Residents Tax in 2014 (although I realise this is payment for Non Residents Tax for the year 2013). So I have calculated my payment based on this new lower valor catastral. I can’t submit it to my bank till my next visit out to Spain and would welcome any helpful further advice.

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      If you are paying your none resident tax for 2013 on form 210 all your calculations must relate to that year, ie your Valor Catastral from 2013, you will use the 2014 figure for paying 2014 tax by the end of 2015

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      Thanks petej. What you say makes sense. I will redo my 210 before I take it to the bank.

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