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      Hi All

      Does anyone have any information on the ‘Valor Catastral’ in Catalunya. I am in the process of buying a property in which i will live in the Marsemse area, north Barcelona and understand that after completion of the purchase (and all fees) that there is still an annual tax to be paid which is dependant of the Valour Catastral determind by the local authority (not nec the purchase value of the house and often a lot less). I have read this is anything from 0.5%-1.7% of the value depending on the area.

      Does anyone have any experience in how much this % would be for this Maresme area of Catalunya?

      In addition to this i also have heard that Notary fees when getting a mortgage are not compulsory. Can I remove these from my calculations?

      Many thanks for any help someone can give.



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      Seller needs to provide to you records of  IBI ( Local Tax on Property) payments where you will find the Cadastral value of the property.

      Then you will have to multiply the Cadastre value of the property by an index which is determined annually.

      For Cataluña, calculator of Tax Value of the property is here:


      Notary fees of Mortgage deed, are according to Spain Supreme Court, applying Consumer Law arguments, to be paid by lender excepting a copy of the deeds that needs to be paig by the mortgage loan creditor ( consumer)

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