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    Is there a relationship between the valor catastral of a property and the value of a property?

    If so, does if vary from area to area?

    How can I find out?

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    To the beast of my knowledge no. BUt Spain being Spain even the Pope cannot confirm this.

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    “Cadastral value or Tax value” is an assessed value placed on taxable property by the Spanish HM Revenue & Customs for ad valorem tax purposes at the request of the Town Hall and it is revised each 10 years
    Municipal Property Tax IBI, Municipal Urban Land Gains Tax, Income tax, Capital tax, Succession, Gift and Property Transfer Tax, all theses taxes are based in this value which is lower than the market value

    “Valor de tasaci√≥n” or appraised value is used by the banks in order to appraise a property when they are lending money and it is necessary fixed by a qualified company, architect or architectural engineer. This value could be lower or higher than the market value

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