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    I bought a house in catalonia last November. The utilities are now in my name and connected. I am charged varying amounts for Electricity and the water/sewarage. I would have thought that electricity would be charged according to metered usage and that the other would be a fixed fee. Does anyone have any info on charges ?

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    La Nucia

    Hi you will get a standing charge about 15 euro a month for electricity and 10 euro for your water, plus the meter readings if any used, plus they are higher than the UK. Make sure they are paid by bank direct debit, or you will find the electricity disconnected, a lot of paper work to have it reconnected and it took me 4 days plus a fee, and they will only call a Spanish telephone.

    You will need to keep the Spanish bank in credit, all the other charges will need to be paid , Suma, Community, insurance. Local charges and telephone / internet  if you have it. Its not cheap to keep your second home. Do not buy a car until you are sure you need one.


    I have had a home in Spain for 10 or more years



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    Thanks Steve, what is the downside to owning a car in Spain ? Our house has a garage and we were thinking of that. The alternative car hire or bringing a car out from the UK. Any other advice or what we need to look out for would be appreciated.

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