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      Pictures are key to generating interest. Don’t expect any enquiries without them.

      Pictures really help to get a discussion going, or get people interested in a property. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, a picture paints a thousand words.

      You can put pictures in your advert by selecting “upload attachment” from the options below, then “choose file” (browse to picture and select it from your hard drive), “add the file” then “place inline”. Or you can link to pictures hosted on another server.

      Using pictures hosted on another server

      First you need images hosted somewhere on the web. If it’s your own photos and you need a site to host them I recommend either or Just upload your pictures to one of them – it’s free and easy.

      Then you need the url of the image(s). Let’s use the logo above as an example. To get the url of the SPI logo above just right click on the logo, then choose properties and then copy paste the url (Internet Explorer) or choose ‘copy image address’ (Firefox).

      Now insert the url into your forum post where you want the image to appear. To do this click the ‘Img’ button in the menu bar above the editor (you only see it when writing a new post), which will put the following code into your post:

      Then just copy the url of the image you want to use, for example:

      and paste it between the “[img]” tags, giving you this:

      Any questions, post them here.


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      I am doing exactly as your instructions but the image still does not appear just the https address between the tags!!

      Jacky McLean

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      Jacky, Yes I agree ,for someone who is well clued up with their PC may find Marks instructions OK to follow, but to most & especially a novice like me its hopeless, I have tried and failed also.

      I would like to place more photos with my advert, but if I cant do it myself then it looks like its not going to happen.. 🙁 😕

Viewing 2 reply threads
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