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      can any one tell me how long it takes to get an nie number, we are coming over very soon and want to open a bank account while we are there because we are purchasing a property.

      what do we need to bring with us and are there any short cuts/ forms we can download to speed the process
      many thanks in advance

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      Nowadays NIE numbers are issued in 3 to 5 days.

      The process has changed and it’s now almost efficient. The downside is you now have to pay an official fee of EUR15.70.

      As far as I know you can find the form online but I don’t have a link. Otherwise you can get the form from the Police Station where you will need to obtain the payment form (Modelo 790) which needs to be paid in any bank and then you return and submit everything.

      You don’t need pictures but you do need a copy of your passport and a copy of the form you hand in – there is usually a photocopy shop close by.

      After you have applied anyone can collect the NIE number on your behalf if they present the stamped copy form.

      Most efficient place is probably the main police station (Policia Nacional) in malaga and there is a public car park in behind – it’s the one with the helicopter pad on the roof!

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      In Almeria try this:

      HOW TO GET A NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) DIY – IN PERSON
      (Or replace a lost one)
      Email below for an appointment

      Oficina de Extranjeros en Almería
      C/ Marruecos, 1
      04071 – ALMERÍA
      Teléfono: 950 625 401
      Fax: 950 759 310

      Open: Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 5.00pm and Fridays 9.00am to 2.30pm.

      For Almeria Street map go to this site:

      Ask for NIE applications forms from your solicitor (but do not pay them for it) or you can get them from Almeria Extranjeros office itself, or download application form from this site:

      Not sure how up to date this form is, but if you complete it and it is not the” up to date form”, then grab another ticket, and complete the one given by the clerk, you will have the details wanted at least.

      You are as well going to the office in Almeria itself. plan a day Shopping at the Mediterranean Centre in Almeria, and park up in there.

      , Leave the E15/A7 at junction 446 follow the Road south AL 1000 towards the Mediterraneo centre is on sign posts showing directions, but you need to look out for them. On the roundabout near the centre you need the slip Road to the right of the Ave de Mediterranneo in order to access the centre car parking. Its best to park up here. Then with the Shopping centre to your right, walking down the Av del Mediterráneo, take the first road right at lights, (shopping centre petrol station still on your right) on to the Calle Marruecos (Morocco Street) and the offices are about 500 metres down on the right hand side, at number 1. This is the office for sorting out your NIE, and later on your Residencia) is in the same place (Registro Central De Extranjeros)

      Take your passports and a photocopies (one each person) of the page with your photo on it.
      Take two recent passport photos each (not always necessary but best be on the safe side)

      You will also need copies of your rental agreement or copy of your contract with your builder/developer if you are buying off plan, or your escretura. You will need copies for each of you requiring an NIE number.

      Once in the office, take a ticket and await your turn. You should be seen within half an hour which isn’t too bad, (might be worth taking another number after a while in case you have a hiccup at the first attempt).. The clerk quickly flicks through the paperwork, puts a couple of stamps on it, keeps the originals and gives you a copy back.
      You are then given a form each, which you take to a bank to pay €9 each.

      Would help if you took someone with some knowledge of Spanish as well.

      You then have to go back to Almeria in about 15 days to collect your NIE. (Ask if not sure)

      Do not expect to be given your number on the same day as your application.

      For lost NIE sheets, similar action to above but you need to download and e16 form from the Internet, just change the link above to:


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      Thanks for the info,
      Nobby, the link to the form, is it the same form for any region because i will need to go to ronda.

      The agent says she will help me sort it out on Tuesday but if i have some of the forms ready it will speed up the process.

      Thanks in advance

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      Hi Chilly, I could not be sure, but feel certain, like government froms in UK, they should be universal. At least if you ahve copied the info on the Almeria one, should there be a different form where you go to register, you could simpl copy the details on to thier forms. Feel it will be the same info required for all Extranjeros depatartments.

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      Thanks Nobby,
      have been in touch with the agent today and she tells me she has all the forms in the office, phew

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